About Our Cakes

How much do your cakes cost

Each celebration cake by Blackbird Cakes is a unique and individualised creation, therefore it is difficult to provide a general cost for a cake. Prices vary according to serving size, style of decoration, degree of difficulty in design, etc… Our base price for a a fondant covered cake is $150, and we go up from there.  Here is a rough guide of cake pricing to give you an idea of what to expect.

One Tier
Priced from $150 for a decorated, 3 cake-layer, fondant covered cake.

Two Tiers
Priced from $300 for a small two-tiered cake and from $380 for an extended tier, two-tiered cake.

Three Tiers
Priced from $480

Priced from $250 for a 2D cake and from $380 for a carved 3D cake. Cars, trucks and other modes of transport cakes are priced from the $680 mark

What Mud Cake flavours are available

Chocolate Mud Cake
The quintessential Chocolate Mud Cake is loaded with chocolatey goodness, enhanced by a dash of coffee. Available in our signature blend of couverture chocolate, it is layered with Chocolate Ganache, and satisfies the most die-hard chocoholics

Chocolate Orange (Jaffa) Mud Cake
Our delectable Chocolate Mud Cake is infused with fresh orange zest for the famous Jaffa taste.

Chocolate Chilli Mud Cake
Chocolate Mud cake with Cinnamon and a hint of Chilli will warm the cockles of your heart.

Chocolate Raspberry Mud Cake
Chocolate Mud cake filled with lush raspberries. The smooth chocolate compliments the tartness of the raspberries perfectly.

Chocolate Cherry Mud Cake
Chocolate Mud cake with chunks of morello cherries, brushed with a Kirsch syrup and filled with Chocolate Ganache is reminiscent of the Black Forest.

Chocolate Mint Mud Cake
For all the die hard mint lovers, this Chocolate Mud Cake is infused with minty freshness! Every mouthful is a full bodied minty experience.

White Chocolate Mud Cake
Luscious and moist White Chocolate Mud Cake layered with White Chocolate Ganache to satisfy white chocolate cravings

White Chocolate Raspberry Mud Cake
A marriage made in heaven – this White Chocolate and Raspberry Mud Cake is the perfect combination of sweet and tart. White Chocolate Mud Cake filled with lush raspberries makes each bite memorable.

White Chocolate Lemon Mud Cake
White Chocolate Mud Cake infused with fresh lemon zest for the perfect balance of tangy lemon-ness and sweet, sweet white chocolate.

Chocolate and White Chocolate Marble Mud Cake
A marble mix of our Chocolate and White Chocolate Mud Cakes gives you the best of both worlds.

Caramel Mud Cake
Luscious white chocolate and brown sugar quenches the sweetest tooth. Filled with your choice of either chocolate or white chocolate ganache.

Salted Caramel Mud Cake
Our delicious caramel mud cake with a hint of pink Himalayan salt for the salty sweet aficionados.

Caramel and Date Mud Cake
Sticky date pudding in a cake. The lusciousness of caramel mud spiked with soft date pieces and filled with white chocolate ganache.

Gingerbread Mud Cake
Warming gingerbread spices added to our delicious caramel mud cake. No need to wait until Christmas.

What Other Cake Flavours are available

Carrot & Walnut Cake
Warmly spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, the moist Carrot and Walnut Cake imparts a delicious flavour. Coupled with White Chocolate Ganache, it is a wonderful way to eat your carrots.

Chocolate, Stout & Orange Fruit Cake
Deceptively delicious, the dried fruit is macerated in stout to provide a warm and full bodied texture. Studded with chunks of dark couverture chocolate and orange zest, and layered with Chocolate Ganache, it leaves you wanting more.

Lemon Fizz Cake
A light and tangy Lemon Yoghurt Cake that delights cake connoisseurs of all ages. Layered with White Chocolate Ganache or Vanilla Buttercream, it is refreshingly sweet.

Hummingbird Cake
Chunky, moist and delicious, the Hummingbird Cake is filled with banana and pineapple pieces, and a smattering of coconut. Layered with White Chocolate Ganache or Vanilla Buttercream, it has to be good for you!

Red Velvet
The Famous Red Velvet Cake is light chocolate flavoured cake with the added tang of buttermilk. Matches wonderfully well with White Chocolate Ganache or Vanilla Buttercream.


How do I order a Blackbird Cake

We would love to make a cake for you, so to order a Blackbird Cake please:

  • fill in the Cake Enquiry form,
  • call the Studio on (03) 5427 2473 for an appointment to come and see us,
  • pop by the Studio (while we are more than happy to see you, it would be best to give us a call before you pop by to make sure someone is here to greet you and that we are not too busy filling our orders for the week),
  • or, shoot us an email to: hello@blackbirdcakes.com.au

Please note that as we are often up to our elbows in chocolately goodness, it may take time for us to answer your enquiry. If you do need a prompt reply, please contact us by phone.

Generally, 2 weeks notice will be required for a cake order, however to ensure your booking, you may wish to order earlier. More detailed cakes, such as wedding cakes, require at least 4-6 weeks notice, or longer during peak seasons.

Deposits and Payments

A deposit of 50% of the total cake price is required to secure your booking. The balance must be finalised 10 days prior to delivery/collection, unless alternative arrangements have been make with Blackbird Cakes. 

We are able to accept your payment via a direct deposit into our bank account or credit card over the phone.  Our banking details are:  Blackbird Cakes: Commonwealth Bank BSB 063 806; Account Number: 1017 4515.  If you do make a direct deposit, could you please let us know and we will mark it on your order.

Blackbird Cakes Cancellation Policy
Should the order be cancelled, a fee of 25% of the total price applies if cancelled ten or more days prior to collection/delivery date). A cancellation fee of 50% the total price applies if cancelled ten to five days prior and 100% cancellation fee for four or less days prior to collection/delivery date.


Do you deliver

Yes we do! Deliveries are available to most areas (additional charge applies). We regularly deliver to venues and homes in the Macedon Ranges, Daylesford and Spa Country, Bendigo, Ballarat, Melbourne CBD and Suburbs, and further afield. It’s best to chat to us for a quotation.

What is the best way to transport a cake

All Blackbird Cakes are stored in a milk-board cake box. It is best to place the cake box on the flattest part of your car, ideally in the boot. The floor of the passenger seat is also an option. The car seat is not the best place for your cake to be transported.

How long will any leftovers last, and how do I store them

Our mud cakes generally last for a couple of weeks after the event, in a cool space (not the fridge) and in an airtight container… that’s if it is not inhaled by then! You can also wrap in cling film and freeze if your delay of gratification game is strong.

Do you provide consultations/tastings

We love chatting to our brides and grooms over a cuppa and slices of cake. Tastings are also available for our larger orders. We are happy to see you through the weekdays, and have limited spaces available on weekends and public holidays. Please call the Studio for an appointment.

Can I send you a picture of a cake I like

We’d love to see the style of cakes you like, but we always like to put our ‘fingerprint’ on the design of our cakes, so they won’t be exactly the same as your picture.

Can I get a cake today

Unless you have pre-ordered (we usually like 1-2 weeks notice) we are unable to create a wonderful cake for you on the same day.

Do you bake for special dietary requirements

We do! We can create delicious cakes made with gluten, dairy, egg and nut free ingredients. Just ask us.

What is the best way to cut my cake

Cutting mud cakes into wedges is often difficult and produces servings that are way too big. We recommend that you slice your cake with a hot knife in a grid like fashion. For novelty and carved cakes, we will show you the best way to cut when you come to collect.

When will I hear back from you

Your enquiry is important to us, so we try to return all phone calls and emails as soon as we possibly can. However, we also do need to focus on our cakes at hand so you may not hear back from us immediately. Thursdays through to Sundays can be quite hectic, so if you are looking for a speedy response, please do not hesitate to call us at the Studio on (03) 5427 2473.

What are your terms and conditions

Blackbird Cakes ABN:43 873 168 414 is a current and registered business. Sharyn Frantz = Sole Proprietor.

The quotation/pricing has been based on our consultation/s and costs have been calculated considering requirements determined in the consultation/s. A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking.

This agreement is all inclusive; including cake, presentation board, cake box, delivery (where included in price) and all decorations listed on the order form.

Fresh flower arrangements are the responsibility of you, the customer. Permission is granted for Blackbird Cakes to liaise with your florist.

Should there be an ingredient availability issue, all endeavours will be made to contact you to arrange an alternative. If contact cannot be made, Blackbird Cakes reserves the right to make changes where necessary.

All agreed designs are considered a guide to the overall presentation of the cake. All care will be taken to adhere to the original design components. However, Blackbird Cakes reserves the right to adjust the design specifications to ensure structural integrity and aesthetics.

CANCELLATION:Should the client cancel this order at any stage for any reason, a fee of 25% of the total price applies if cancelled ten or more days prior to collection/delivery date). A cancellation fee of 50% the total price applies if cancelled ten to five days prior and 100% cancellation fee for four or less days prior to collection/delivery date.

SOCIAL MEDIA:By confirming this agreement, you agree to Blackbird Cakes publishing photos, video and comments pertaining to the cake on social media,